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History of

Sir Lord JEROMy esqr. III


Sir Lord JEROMy esqr.III               

was born Jeromy Joe Furguiele

14 July 1971. In Arcadia CA.  As a youth   Sir Lord was a creative individual often gravitating towards other creative minds leading to a great amount of art in the music world. He first started out with a young group VD then the list grew to include the acts So What, Love Distortion, Phantom Noise, Poor Old Timer, EXP and Akubi Object. In between bands late 90's early 2000's he reinvented himself as Mr Zerox. creating computer based music. Living in Southern California most his life at this time he ventured out to Austin TX, He reconnected with an old friend and band mate form California to form Los Hispanos UK. Wail in Austin he continued to develop his visual art as well however it was on and off until the day a coworker had passed away and he decided to paint is portrait for those who missed him. This lead into another painting of a friend’s recently departed father. This got the paint ball rolling. He joined the starving artist collective and began to follow his passion. 2010 with the collapse of Los Hispanos U.K. and a new found love (also originally) from Los Angeles Ca, he decided to move back home. Sir Lord & Toni Osborne Decided on as the name for their online portfolio and it has continued to grow from there. Sir Lord has gained much momentome in painting portraits of both people and pets producing 250 pieces of hand painted art in 6years and by now we have stoped counting....In November of 2018 Sir Lord JEROMy esqr. III Signed with internatinol art gallery Muzzillion Art Gallery

Austin TX Cable T.V. interview.

Sir Lord JEROMy esqr.III at work.

Sir Lord JEROMy esqr.III & Toni O. Collaberative work

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